Pencil Portraits

Pencil portraits of family, children, dogs, horses, cats and other pets

All pencil portraits are a unique gift that will capture a special moment in time for the person receiving it.

The pencil portrait could be of your children, grandchild, relatives, friends and pets either individually or any combination of subjects.

This unique moment in time could be a special occasion, a birthday, wedding or family party or special memory of a past friend or relative. Why not capture that moment and give someone that unique memory.

My Pencil portraits drawn from your photographs will not only result in an accurate and quality portrait but will be an enhancement over the original photograph as pencil allows me to create a tremendous range of tones giving more depth to the portrait than the original photograph.

In addition features that you do not like can be changed. The favourite photo of your young son with a plastered cut on his head. I can omit the plaster. Your Mother who hated wearing her glasses but the only photo you have of her is with them on, these can be removed.

Other features can be added, your favourite photo of your husband looks too informal, I can add a tie or take one off if preferred.

If you would like a group portrait of your children or family but only have individual photos I can produce a group portrait.

If you want a portrait of your son and his dog but cannot get them both to stay still long enough for a photo I can produce a portrait of  them together from separate photos.

Good photographs allow me to produce the best portraits. They do not need to be professional photographs but they should be clear and sharp and for individual portraits they should be close up as I need to see the detail to produce a quality portrait

Prices are dependent on subject, numbers of subjects and the size of the portrait and are listed on the “Prices” page.

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