About me

Hello and welcome to my art site.

I have been drawing and painting all my life and I am self taught. When I left school I wanted to pursue a career in art. However I played safe and went into engineering ! Initially as a design engineer I had scope to practice my art but as I progressed into business management I had little or no time available to devote to it. It was just the occasional portrait for a friend or a landscape in either oils or acrylic.

Having retired in 2002 I then had time to return to to my love of art and set up my first web site. I decided to concentrate on pencil portraits. Pencil is a very effective medium that allows me to develop a tremendous range of tones creating more depth to the portrait than the original photograph. It also allows for a sensible delivery and realisitic pricing.

I really enjoy the challenge of producing a detailed, accurate quality portrait and I am driven to capture the exact likeness of my subjects. The majority of my work over the last twelve years has been of adults and children which have brought me many compliments from my clients. I have also produced many portraits of dogs and horses and a few cats.

I have also had time to develop my acrylic painting technique and have been successful in my work being selected for exhibitions across the West Midlands and with some success in achieving awards. As a result I have had commissions for acrylic portraits of adults, children, pets and homes.

I will continue to develop my web site as I consider this the most effective way of reaching my clients. Whilst this site gives you sufficient information to establish a size and price to suit your subject it may not readilly help you to identify the best composition of the portrait or even which of your photographs is the most suitable to use. If this is the case then call me or e-mail me and let me help you to develop your portrait. This is particularly useful if you are looking to combine two or more photographs to form a group portrait.